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There are several RAM Commander editions: Full version, Student Version and Demo Version.


See the comparison matrix below for more information about differences:



Full Version

Student Version

Demo Version


Commercial version for professional reliability, availability, maintainability and safety analysis

Educational purposes

Evaluation purposes

Functional limitations

None, unlimited

None, unlimited

Only 4 prediction methods supported (MIL-217, Telcordia 1, GJB299B, UTEC)

Database size limitations

None, unlimited

Limited, per project:

20 product tree items,

5 FMECA failure modes per item

10 Fault Trees

20 Gates per FTA

10 Event Trees

6 Events per ETA

7 functions in Safety

5 hazards/failures per function

10 Markov diagrams

8 states per Markov diagram

10 elements per FMEA

8 failures per FMEA element



2 FMECA failure modes per item

3 Fault Trees

15 Gates per FTA

3 Event Trees

4 Events per ETA

5 functions in Safety

2 hazards/failures per function

3 Markov diagrams

5 states per Markov diagram

5 elements per FMEA

3 failures per FMEA element

Activity period


Semester (6 months)



Download after purchase - contact sales

Download after purchase or agreement - contact sales

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The entire manual relates to all available editions.

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